Where Can I Get a Keg of Twisted Tea

Where Can I Get a Keg of Twisted Tea?

Twisted Tea has become a favorite alcoholic beverage for many, known for its unique blend of tea and alcohol, providing a refreshing and slightly sweet taste. Whether you’re planning a backyard barbecue, a birthday bash, or just a casual get-together, a keg of Twisted Tea can be a hit at your event. But the question remains, “Where can I get a keg of Twisted Tea?” In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the various options and considerations to ensure your keg of Twisted Tea is readily available for your next gathering.

Twisted Tea – A Refreshing Choice

Twisted Tea is a popular choice among those who appreciate the balance of tea and alcohol. Available in a variety of flavors like Original, Half & Half, and Raspberry, it offers something for everyone. The demand for Twisted Tea kegs has surged, making it a sought-after choice for parties, weddings, and events of all kinds.

Where to Find Kegs of Twisted Tea

When it comes to acquiring a keg of Twisted Tea, you have several options to explore:

Liquor Stores and Beverage Retailers

Many liquor stores and beverage retailers carry kegs of Twisted Tea, especially in regions where it’s popular. It’s often sold alongside other kegged alcoholic beverages. To find local stores offering Twisted Tea kegs, simply give them a call or visit their websites. You’ll discover that some establishments specialize in keg sales, making it even more convenient for your party planning needs.

Distributors and Wholesalers

For larger gatherings or events, working with distributors and wholesalers can be a smart choice. These businesses can provide you with multiple kegs of Twisted Tea to accommodate a bigger crowd. The advantage of going this route is that you can often secure a better deal on price and delivery options. To find distributors in your area, search online or contact Twisted Tea directly for recommendations.

Contacting Twisted Tea Directly

If you want the assurance of a direct source, consider reaching out to Twisted Tea themselves. They can guide you to authorized retailers, distributors, or wholesalers in your region who stock Twisted Tea kegs. This option provides the added benefit of purchasing directly from the manufacturer, ensuring product quality and authenticity.

Things to Consider When Buying Twisted Tea Kegs

Before you make a decision, there are several important factors to consider:

  • Quantity and Size of Kegs: Determine how many guests you’re expecting and choose the appropriate keg size. Twisted Tea kegs are available in various sizes to suit different gatherings.
  • Availability of Specific Flavors: Check if your preferred Twisted Tea flavor is available in keg form. Different retailers or distributors may offer different flavor options.
  • Pricing and Delivery Options: Compare prices from different sources and inquire about delivery options. Some may offer discounts or promotions for bulk orders.
  • Legal Age Requirements and Permits: Be aware of the legal age requirements for purchasing alcohol in your area. You may also need to obtain permits for serving alcohol at your event, depending on your location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions related to acquiring Twisted Tea kegs:

Can I order kegs of Twisted Tea online?

Some retailers and distributors may offer online ordering, but availability varies by location.

Are there any restrictions on keg purchases?

Check your local regulations; there may be restrictions on the sale of kegs to individuals without a permit.

How much does a keg of Twisted Tea cost?

Prices can vary widely depending on your location, the size of the keg, and any discounts available at the time of purchase.


In your quest to find a keg of Twisted Tea, you have several viable options to explore. Whether you choose a local liquor store, a distributor, or contact Twisted Tea directly, the key is to plan ahead, consider your needs, and ensure compliance with local regulations. With a bit of preparation, you can enjoy your event with the perfect keg of Twisted Tea to keep your guests refreshed and satisfied.

Additional Resources

For more information on Twisted Tea and purchasing options, visit Twisted Tea’s official website. You can also explore online forums and communities for tips and recommendations on acquiring Twisted Tea kegs for your upcoming gatherings. Cheers to a successful and enjoyable event!

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