Does Weed Tea Make Your House Smell

Does Weed Tea Make Your House Smell?

The aroma of freshly brewed tea can be comforting, evocative, and for some, a necessary start to the day. But what happens when the tea in question is weed tea? This brings us to a common concern: Does weed tea make your house smell? In this comprehensive exploration, we’ll dive into the world of weed tea, examining its potential impact on your home’s aroma and offering practical tips for those who brew it.

The Basics of Weed Tea

Weed tea, essentially tea infused with cannabis, is gaining popularity not just for its potential health benefits but also for its unique flavor profile. The process of making weed tea is akin to brewing any other herbal tea but with the key addition of cannabis leaves or flowers. Its popularity is rooted in its simplicity and the different experiences it offers compared to other cannabis consumption methods.

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Does Weed Tea Make Your House Smell?


Does Weed Tea Emit a Strong Odor?

The crux of the matter lies in whether weed tea releases a potent weed-like aroma during brewing. The answer is nuanced. Much like how brewing green tea fills your home with its characteristic scent, brewing weed tea can indeed emit a distinct cannabis aroma​​. This scent’s intensity largely depends on the cannabis strain and the brewing method used. High-quality, strong strains are likely to produce a more robust odor​​.

Variables That Influence the Smell of Weed Tea

Various factors play a role in the smell intensity of weed tea. The type of herb – fresh or dried – can influence the strength of the aroma. Different recipes and brewing techniques also contribute to the variability in smell​​.

Managing the Aroma of Weed Tea

For those concerned about the lingering scent of weed tea, there are several strategies to manage and even mask it:

  1. Blend with other aromatic teas, such as green or mint tea, to neutralize the cannabis smell​​.
  2. Choose cannabis strains with fewer terpenes, as they tend to have a milder aroma​​.
  3. Use air fresheners or kitchen exhausts to dissipate the smell more effectively​​.
  4. Consider brewing in a well-sealed container or outdoors to prevent the odor from permeating indoor spaces​​.

Differing Opinions on Weed Tea’s Aroma

Opinions vary on the impact of weed tea’s aroma on indoor environments. While some sources affirm that brewing weed tea can significantly scent your house​​​​, others suggest that the effect is either minimal or dependent on various factors, like the brewing method and cannabis quality​​​​.


In conclusion, while brewing weed tea can impart a distinct cannabis aroma to your home, the extent of this is influenced by several variables, including the strain of weed and the brewing process. With the strategies outlined, you can effectively manage the scent to ensure it doesn’t become a concern. So, if you’re contemplating brewing weed tea, don’t let the fear of a lingering smell hold you back. With the right approach, you can enjoy your brew without worrying about the aroma taking over your space.

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