Does Panera Have Free Coffee Refills?

Panera has a long-standing policy of offering free coffee refills to customers. However, this policy is not without its exceptions. For instance, if a customer orders a drink and then leaves the restaurant without finishing it, they cannot get a refill.

Additionally, customers may be charged for the second cup of coffee if they ask for more than one refill.

How MyPanera+ Beverage Club Actually Works

As most coffee lovers know, Panera offers free refills on brewed coffee. However, many people are surprised to learn that they also offer free refills on iced coffees and cold brews! So next time you’re in Panera and need a caffeine fix, don’t hesitate to ask for a refill – it won’t cost you a thing.

Does Panera Have Free Refills on Green Tea

Panera does not have free refills on green tea. However, you can get a free cup of hot water to add to your green tea bag if you ask for it.

Panera Unlimited Coffee Rules

Looking for a place to get your caffeine fix? Panera has you covered! Here are the rules for our unlimited coffee subscription:

-You must be a MyPanera member to sign up. Not a member yet? Sign up here.

-The subscription is $8.99+tax per month and can be canceled anytime. -Each month, you’ll receive 30 credits towards coffees, hot teas, iced teas, and lattes. Credits reset at the beginning of each month.

-Not sure how many credits your drink will cost? Check out our menu here. Now that you know the rules, sign up for an unlimited coffee subscription today!

How to Use Panera Coffee Subscription in Drive Thru

As a coffee lover, I was excited to learn that Panera now offers a subscription service! Here’s how it works: you sign up for the subscription online or in the Panera app, and then you can use your account to pay for coffee at the drive-thru. No more waiting in line to pay!

Plus, you’ll get a discount on your coffee (and other drinks) when you use your subscription. Just head to the Panera website or app to sign up and create an account. Then, add your payment information and choose your subscription plan.

I opted for the $8/month plan, which offers unlimited coffee of any size. You can choose a $5/month plan for smaller sizes or iced coffees only. Once you’ve signed up, head to the drive-thru and tell them you’re paying with your subscription.

They’ll scan your QR code (which is stored in the app) and apply your discount! If you love coffee as much as I do, this is a great way to save money and time at Panera. Give it a try today!

Panera 3 Months Free Coffee Code

Am I looking for a way to get free coffee from Panera? Here’s how you can do it! Panera offers three months of free coffee to new MyPanera+ Coffee subscription members for a limited time.

You must sign up for a MyPanera+ Coffee subscription using the code “PANERA3” at checkout. This offer is only valid for new subscribers, so if you’re already a member, you’ll, unfortunately, miss out on this deal. With a MyPanera+ Coffee subscription, you’ll get unlimited coffee (hot or iced) and tea refills at participating Panera Bread locations.

That means you can enjoy your morning cup of joe without worrying about paying for refills every time. Plus, there’s no commitment required – you can cancel anytime. So if you’re looking for a way to save on coffee from Panera, sign up for a MyPanera+ Coffee subscription using the code “PANERA3” before this offer expires!

Panera 3 Months Free Coffee Code 2022

Panera 3 Months Free Coffee Code 2022 is an exclusive code that gives you three months of free coffee at Panera restaurants. To get the code, visit the link below and enter your email address. The code will be sent to your inbox instantly.

This offer is valid for a limited time, so don’t miss out!

Does Panera Have Free Coffee Refills?

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Is Coffee Refills Free at Panera?

No, coffee refills are not accessible at Panera. However, you can get a discount on your second cup of coffee if you bring in your mug.

Can I Refill My Cup at Panera?

Can I refill my cup at Panera? Yes, you can. Our policy is to refill your cup as often as you like.

We have a self-serve beverage station where you can help yourself to whatever drink you’d like. So go ahead and fill it up!

How Long is Panera Coffee Free?

Panera coffee is free for the first two hours after purchase. After that, it is $0.50 per hour.

Can I Bring My Cup to Panera for Coffee?

Can I bring my cup to Panera for coffee? The answer is yes! You can bring your cup to Panera and get it filled with coffee.

You can even get a discount if you do. Just ask the barista when you order, and they’ll happily oblige.


Panera does not have free coffee refills, but they offer a discount if you bring your cup. They want to encourage people to recycle and use fewer paper cups.

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